Beach Volleyball On The Rise

With the emergence of beach volleyball in the NCAA, growth of the NVL, and return of the AVP, beach volleyball is making a few heads turn. At this rate in accelerated growth and popularity we should start seeing more players, events and support. Players are starting at a younger age and more important, they are receiving proper training much early than in the past. Not only has college supported many new women’s teams, high schools are following in the same footsteps as the NCAA. Club teams are continuing to expand across the country, specifically in southern California. San Diego, Hermosa, Huntington, Long beach and Manhattan are beginning to show young promising talent with new support from coaches and trainers. NVL has even setup a grassroots program for younger players and adults all through the country. Programs like this are going to help the sport grow to the next level. Check out this highlight real from NVL that explains a little about this along with some great action shots and other event info.

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