The Beach Volleyball Season Comes to a Close

With the end of the season drawing near, the NVL will hold one of the last professional event of the year. This event will take place at Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida October 3rd-4th. If you are able to make it out there, I highly recommend going. The NVL has continued to grow and helped promote beach volleyball throughout the country. The more people out there supporting these events will only aid in the accelerated growth of this sport.

However, the NVL is not the only professional event organization we all should be focusing on. The second, full and successful season of the AVP just wrapped up less than two weeks ago in Huntington Beach, Ca. Taking place at a great venue, with enthusiastic fans and amazing players, this event is one of the most fun and entertaining events of the season.

Overall the 2014 beach volleyball season was one of the best seasons yet to come. Both the AVP and NVL had successful tournaments all summer long. Professional beach volleyball athletes now have several options when it comes to training and competing in high level events. Without these options, players would have a much harder time improving their game and getting the support they need. The support doesn’t stop at the professional level. The collegiate level has continued to grow for female athletes. As a result organizations such as the CBVA in southern California, have seen a dramatic increase in youth players at their tournaments. The CBVA, and others alike, provide a great stepping stone for younger players to get noticed and improve their game. It seems domestically their may finally be a roadmap for athletes to take when pursuing their dreams of playing beach volleyball. We hope these are just the signs of great things to come for this sport. Here at Active Shore we will try to do our part to help in the support of beach volleyball, providing a way for athletes to connect with one another and get the information they need.

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